I packed up my things, hopped in the whip and picked a playlist that would sustain a 30 minute drive, I then hopped on the Florida Turnpike towards the 836 and then went up i-95 towards North Miami, I hopped off and drove up to a little street with houses on both ends, I think I'm here.. I hop out the car, and call Aidy on the phone, it's our first time meeting, and it's my first time here, and I'm not sure what or whom to expect... she walks out the front door to let me in, she lived in a quaint little Miami house that had everything you could need, it was quite charming and so was she, she has a latin accent from having just moved here from Puerto Rico, and she's quite outgoing, I was glad.. there was never a dull moment with her, and it was just so random so not by the rules, we went to her backyard, we shot indoors, we walked in her bathroom.. at the end of it, I was satisfied.. I was content, this was cool and so was she. the shoot was over and I was going to go and she invited me to local hot spot 1-800 lucky where she bar tends, but I declined, I had a double the next day, but worry not Aidy, i'm turning up with you at some point in my life, I'd be a fool not to. <3