I had just left work, I was tired but the double shift was long and brutal.. I needed to unwind, and that’s when a text came in; it was a girl I was seeing at the time, she wanted me to come over to one of her friends’ house for a drink, I was off the next day so I complied. I drove nearby to a nice house near West Brickell, it was close so it was a pleasant drive over. I drove up and called to notify of my arrival, the girl I knew greeted me outside, I parked my car and she walked me in. The house was nearly empty, there were only three girls inside, needless to say I was expecting something different. There was pizza in the kitchen, and there were cold beers in the fridge, everything was fine.. One of the girls was the one I knew, the one I was with. The other was the homeowner, she was quite nice and the other one was stunning, the kind of girl who draws you in without having to say much at all. We began talking, I accepted a lot of the spotlight as the only man representing our gender, I drank a little more and became a little lose, I was having a good time. We were all talking but for some strange reason I bonded more with that stunning woman I didn’t know, we spoke about music, we spoke about life, we spoke about shit longer than we probably should have.. We walked into the kitchen at one point to re up on drinks and pizza and ended up staying in there a while, so long that the other girls were forced to walk inside to meet with us, I felt bad and guilty considering that I was here with someone else, but it felt right. We weren’t doing anything but I certainly had thoughts, at some point everything ended and I left the party, I followed this strange woman on instagram and went my separate way, I thanked everyone for the experience and continued in a relation with she who had invited me, I never heard from her again… fast forward to a year or so later, this woman is no longer in my life.. she’s happy with the man I couldn’t be and I’m working a new job tending bar in the Gables, I’m washing glasses when I spot a table sitting inside by the window, whoever this girl is I’m intrigued… And that’s when I noticed, it was her, the girl from the house, the one who struck me as special, she’s here, she’s having dinner with her grandma and this feels like fate. I played it cool, and said nothing; thank god I didn’t have to, as she was leaving she looked in my direction and spotted me, we both recognized one another and I was happy as all hell.. Her grandma walked back from the bathroom and we said our goodbyes, but this time something was different, this time I had no fear of pursuing her. She left the restaurant but not my mind… Unfortunately, the coming months weren’t different from the first couple. We rarely spoke, but when we did it was promising… baby steps. But then, she disappeared and despite agreeing to link up for drinks, we never did. Then came January 26th, and on this fateful night everything changed.. I started my night having a couple beverages over at Lincoln’s Beard, there were a couple events that night but I didn’t feel like driving far alone, I normally don’t care but for some reason on this night I did. I went to the brewery first, a buddy of mine was spinning there, it wasn’t far and it was the perfect pre-game. It was time to close the tab and lucky for me, my friends had the same plans I did, we agreed to leave and head towards downtown to a karaoke party being held somewhere in Little Haiti. Right before leaving, I scrolled through DM’s and there it was… Alexa’s dead conversation from long ago, it bothered me that nothing ever worked, it bothered me that we never had that drink and after months of radio silence I sent out a simple message, I casted a line one last time.. “Hey” I wrote, and that’s when things got interesting, she responded almost immediately and asked me what I was doing, I told her my plans and she told me she was at the beach, I was willing to go meet with her but I didn’t have to.. She asked for the address and agreed to UBER to the event to meet me..

It’s finally happening..

I get to the event with my friends and hit the bar, she should be getting here soon.. I smoked a cigarette outside in the rain as I stood with two Modelo’s in my hand… One for me, and one for her when she arrives.. And arrive she did, I saw her as she exited the car and went to go get her, she looks beautiful.. I introduced her to my friends who were about to leave and the rest is history, the connection was so strong, we were having so much fun, and also pounding back beers like college students.. It was perfect, she was perfect. We sang and danced, shared stories about our pasts and couldn’t keep our hands off one another, this was the night I’ve been longing for. At one point we stepped outside to my car and spent the rest of the night in there listening to music and kissing, the event ended and we were still there.. It’s now four a clock and we don’t want to leave each other’s side, I suggest a room at the executive motel by the airport and she loved the idea, I got a three hour room and the rest is history, we took some photos, these photos, we spoke some more and decided that we wanted to be serious about this.. we committed, we meant it and I’m still here to represent it. I took her back home at nine in the morning, I saw her the next day, the next day and the day after that.. And if all goes well, I’ll be seeing her for a foreseeable future. This is Alexa, my girlfriend and this is now my favorite date, January 26th. <3