I met Alex online a couple weeks back, she makes music, she sings beautifully and she looks like someone who's cute, but also unaware of or uncaring for what society's standards of beauty are... and it works, she's the girl you meet randomly outside the bar smoking a cigarette, she's the girl who opens up and tells you everything about herself, she's the girl who shocks you by doing so, because at first she seems a little intimidating, she's the girl you leave your friends for, she's the girl you want to know more about, she's the girl who gets you into trouble, but you don't mind.. she's the girl who makes the strange normal, and the normal seem strange, I haven't known tears long, but after this one glorious Tuesday night.. I definitely want to know her more, shout out to Las Rosas, and The Love Below, and whatever other place we stopped at along the way, Tonight's Muse presents Alexandria aka Tears. She's here to steal your heart as you buy dutches at the corner Sunoco station.