I had a little idea which manifested into something great, Udo aka Sir Fetty has quickly taken his brand FIFTY KARATS up the ladder of cool, fashionable streetwear.. with the ever so popular "make money not friends" quote, Udo has grasped this current generation's concept of the independent hustle.. Then there's Roxy, a beautiful Puerto Rican goddess who also works with garments, mainly women's delicates, the beautiful Ms. Rose creates stunning glitter bras and more pieces which she sells through her site.. Roxy is beautiful, that's a given, she's curvacious, her lips are attractive and her demeanor is confident, but most of all Roxy is genuine, she's pure and she's a hell of a lot of fun to spend time with. I'd like to thank Udo, and his brother for driving to my spot with their clothes, I'd like to thank Roxy for modeling the pieces in a stunning manner, and I'd also like to thank the process... for now enjoy this set, because it's coming back in a better way.. TONIGHTS MUSE presents FIFTY KARATS, ROXY ROSE.. MAKE MONEY NOT FRIENDS <3