Little did I know while I was driving that this night would be one of my best in some time.. I pulled up with two bottles of wine and was greeted by a stunning Naomi in a silk robe, I walked in and her room was mesmerizing, it was inspiring, it was something you'd see in a fire tumblr page..  What surprised me the most is that Naomi was instantly comfortable, and this only grew as the glasses flowed. "My cousin's coming over, she's cute you can shoot her too" ... We started the shoot a couple glasses in, and then her cousin came over, we spoke about anime, about her being a camgirl, and being refreshingly open minded about sex, in an intelligent way.. She has great taste in music, we listened to the Smiths, Graham Nash, and a bunch of other amazing shit.. She plays bass in a band, that's incredibly hot to me. She speaks Japanese, and is genuinely obsessed with their culture, she's been on Japanese TV and she's of latin decent. She's cute, and goofy, and she's so confident when she puts and takes off clothes that makes every moment a photo. Her cousin arrived, we drank more.. her cousin was also taking things off and putting things on because they were all headed to Las Rosas.. She was cute, she was funny.. and them together was magic. I had a blast, and I liked them so much that I went out with them to Las Rosas that night.. Thank you girls.