She's in charge of serving up looks, making people look amazing before they're shot, or filmed..  And she also draws and paints like something heaven sent. Bob Ross would be proud. we met up on a random monday night at the excecutive airport because I couldn't shoot in my apartment at that time.. we got out the car, and the energy was sleazy, people fucking in the rooms around us, it was funny. We walked in, rolled up, we had a couple drinks among other things and played music, she was shy, and not used to modeling... but it was cool, I liked it. She seemed to like me, she was comfortable. 

It was a goofy atmosphere, with cool lights, and hints of sex in every direction. Including a crazy ass sex chair.

We finished the shoot almost effortlessly, it was so candid, and then we laid down to watch Conan... It was a lot of fun, it was unexpected, it was a hell of a time, and now I can say I'm close to the amazing Natalia, and I'm here to watch her grow in her career and watch her glow as a person.. <3