I spoke to a cute little thing through an instagram DM and she went on to tell me how she'd never done a shoot but would like to.. fast forward a week later and she's driving over to my place at noon on a Tuesday, she came in and although she was shy at first, she wasn't combative or off putting, she kind of blended in.. and then she started getting ready, she took off her pants and went to the bathroom to freshen up, this is after we had taken a blunt to the face so i was feeling especially saucy, but her body was gorgeous, i was just taken back and appreciative of this opportunity, we began shooting and although she wasn't a natural, she was about doing anything that was asked, which was pretty fucking amazing..  Jenny is a hair stylist, and she's also a student and she's also a bad little mamacita who can make hearts melt with her lowkey beauty.