Every once upon a time you match with someone on Tinder, rarely does anything happen, and when it does it's usually sweaty and blurry.. not with Kagiso, we met and never spoke.. we went out once for a drink at Taverna Opa in Brickell (RIP)... I took her home, fast forward a year and I'm at a party with my friends Twelve'Len, and Kaixen and I end up in this little Havana apartment, it's packed... Abyuss is there, so is FXRBES... a lot of people I know are here, everyone is dumb lit and there she is... the South African goddess I knew once upon a time, Kagiso... We greeted, hugged and then she told me I was in her apartment.. I felt weird lol. It was awkward. She and her friends threw the party/event... some more time passed, and then we started talking, we were gonna shoot. I took a polaroid of her that night of the party, but that's nothing compared to this... I went back to that apartment and to those fine features.. I went back to Kagiso, the South African art student who speaks with a hot accent, who designs garments, and creates fashion, witness her glory..