Lilli Futuristic is not like us, she's from a different place, she's calm and always poised, she's also as cool as one could be.. she's a photographer who only recently decided to start stepping in front of cameras, jobs are offered and bills get paid.... We had been in contact through instagram for some time and entertained the idea of working together, well ever since my personal renaissance I have been doing more shoots, and having more fun with this project.. I also have a digital camera now so I can do a lot more, point is.. it was finally time, we met up on an early wednesday and hung out for about an hour at my apartment, smoking and talking and what not.. I then decided to drive by to a nearby location which means a lot to me, this is the golf course near miller and 137th.. I'll briefly explain, I've had a lot of romance, and a lot of stories about the particular golf course, from throwing up drunk at 4 am in the lake while the girl I liked tried desperately to nurse me back to health, to that one make out session in which i had nose bleed all over a girl's face.. it has been wild, but all of that.. was at night. In the day time it's spacious, broad and beautiful... so it was perfect for what she was wearing, it was perfect for what she is.. tonight's muse presents lilly futuristic, her favorite day is thursday and she lowkey wants t