I had been following this girl for quite some time, and I loved her content, she just loves her body, and she would post these very body positive images that would make my head spin, I reached out to her at some point and we got to talking, she was surprisingly nice and she actually liked my work, and she even listened to my music once, she said it was better than expected... a meeting was written in the stars, so one night we spoke and i got in my car en route to Pompano Beach which is about an hour or so out from where I am, I got there and was so confused, GPS had me doing stupid shit, she told me to wait outside... I was driving and I almost missed the turn to the neighborhood, well I did.. I went in through the out gate, which didn't look like an out gate, it was open and it was on my right hand side and I needed to enter this neighborhood... she finally arrived and got in, and we drove for about 15 minutes to this location, this parking garage she liked... We got there, and she was so cute, she was really nice, a little shy but her energy was pleasant, we walked around and got some shots near the beach, through the boardwalk... she actually witnessed a lot, I got really upset and threw some words back and forth with a convenience store dick head, and then here's the kicker... on the way back to her place, my car started rocking like no tomorrow... basically moral to the story, beauty makes you do wild things.. beauty got me stranded at a wawa for four hours, while I waited for a tow truck to take my car back home with me, a blown out tire and about 180 out of pocket... It was an interesting night, but Sandra Martin made it okay, she wanted to stay but I told her to go, she's a girl I'm now fortunate to know... TONIGHTS MUSE presents Sandra.