It's senior year and I'm walking about school with drawings on my hands and my long hair in my face, I spotted a gorgeous body from a distance. A black uniform polo, some tight jeans which definitely highlighted her features, and a cute little purple knit hat. We never spoke, but I noticed her every time she walked by, she was adorable and something about her dark eyes.. they're fun to look at... fast forward, I now have been out of high school for about 4 years and that's when it happened. It was her, that same girl from the hallway, I stumbled onto her profile from somewhere, and asked her to grab a coffee, my how she'd grown. She was beautiful, and she was smart and cultured and she loved the arts in the same way that I did, well maybe not as much but more than the conventional pretty face. She liked writing, and music and she was a fan of my work. She understood me. We grabbed a coffee and we compared notes, we spoke about literature and passions, and that was pretty much it. One night I was in the studio working on what is now the Brickell project and I receive a random text, "hey what are you doing?" , "wanna hang out, can you pick me up?". Now thankfully, the session was finished and we were just shit talking at that point so I left and went to meet her.. this was our routine for the coming months, we spent time together when we could, or when we were down. this was at a time where I was engaging with women but strictly restricting commitment, I couldn't do it. I was scared, and couldn't handle anything else, I wanted no emotions, as did she, we became really good friends who were also physically attracted to one another; for those months she was the girl who heard every unreleased demo, every unfinished lyric, every journal, and most importantly my novel which if it wasn't for her love of writing and reading, and me trying to impress her I might not have finished.. I was infatuated by her beauty, she didn't look like anyone else that I've met and that's the best part, she has the body of a goddess but the sweetly innocent face of a wholehearted pre-teen, but she's way more sure of what she wants... Fantasia really is a muse, she's the kind of girl I modeled this very project from, the women that bring out the absolute best in you, the women, who inspire the beautiful. We were never anything more than the occasional company but Fantasia left an impact, in a time where I was hollow she brought forth feeling, she made a flower grow in the shadows of misery, she showed me that it just takes someone special to make you feel what you don't always necessarily remember.... satisfied with joy. From our nights in Key Biscayne running away from police, me jumping out of the car pantless to throw a twelve pack in my trunk, receiving love going 90 on the 95 south. the random pool hall nights, and that fateful night at Bardot when you went as my date and attacked me the moment I stepped off stage, you also asked me to play Sleep in the car, that song made her hot. you were so far gone, faded and it was adorable... Thank you.. The only problem is that my buddy was in the back seat. We shared some wonderful moments, and although they were brief, they helped shape a piece of me, she was the first woman who beat me at my own game, she won and left me wondering how she had done it.. I was in awe of who she was, and then she moved away and we never really spoke again.. so time passes by and she flies down back home from Nashville, and for the first time since those days we once shared, we saw one another. It was so surreal, so familiar, it was so strange how easy it was to pick up right where we left off, she came over for a photo shoot, but we ended up drinking white zinfandel and talking about life, she would talk and I didn't want to interrupt, I just wanted to listen.. I aimed the camera and took a candid, she never really posed, she doesn't really model but she's so beautiful. The glasses started going down faster, and the little bit I had smoked had me back in that state of mind I was in so long ago, she was wearing some boy shorts and her bra, I was trying not to become distracted, she started putting on my hat and jacket and I was just having so much fun.. it was nostalgia and most of all it was pure. This is why I started doing this in the first place, cause I started meeting women like her. It made sense. I wrote a song about this girl, and I finished a book because of her if that's not a muse......  After the bliss of room 309, we bolted to the FT. Lauderdale airport, with just about an hour to make it, I was heading 95 mph and both of us were lowkey losing it, and we were nervous that we wouldn't make the flight on time, the drive was a mission, and she had to pee, and I was a wreck, but I'd do it all again, because Fantasia is a muse that is quite real to me, so this photo shoot and this day, and this experience was as rich as it was when I first became interested in the little punk scene girl with the purple hat. Come back home.