Hunter is a model, photographer and musician. As a model, she works with some of the finest industry and has seen her popularity rise significantly over the last couple of years, we met a while back. she was a dating a friend of mine, and although we didn't speak much we always felt comfortable around one another, she would literally tell me things she that she probably shouldn't considering we're barely were acquainted. over time we explored a friendship and it led to us spending some pretty fun nights together, the kind of nights where wine and weed are always in need, and emotion is just a part of it all. She's a beautiful girl who sometimes falls victim to herself, problems we've been hearing all too much about lately, we get anxious and we get down and things don't make sense, but that's okay. she's been shy and reserved for a while, she looked somber most days and that's how she got the name poorthing, that's what some people used to call her, she seemed troubled.. well for hunter, sometimes trouble brings triumph, things are going well, she's a sought-after model who's in a successful agency, her photography is making its presence felt on social media and she's working on her debut music project which is perfect for sad girls everywhere, she's an icon already and she's just one of those girls you always want around, cause although things might get tricky, it's always memorable.. Thank you for the company Hunter, you inspire me to get through the bullshit and succeed at doing what makes you happy.. <3 thank you for coming with me to mexican mondays and eating nachos with me, and also sneaking beer from the pitcher while our server wasn't looking (she's 20), and for playing billiards with me in a dingy hole in the wall. thanks for the vibes. Thank you for being so cool.