I got in my car with two rolls of film and drove the turnpike about thirty minutes north to Miramar, I pull up to a gated community and I'm greeted with a lively redhead who hops in the passenger and directs me to the home. she was exactly how her photos perceived her, that's a good thing. she's outgoing, energetic and she's younger than I am so the slang that people use now is different from mine but other than that we got along, we spoke for a while before shooting and we smoked more than we shot but it was cool, we were there with her homegirl. it was eventful, in this home lived a number of people and there was a brand of tension in the air, shit was weird and it was almost hard to focus until she started getting comfortable until she lost her t-shirt, and when she lost her clothes and displayed her charisma through skin, she looked amazing and I was infatuated. She's a curvaceous woman, she's the woman you're instincts crave, and she's also pretty cool. We smoked more, we spoke about ambition, she wants to rap at some point, she also wants to this and that, Scarlette definitely doesn't lack confidence and she doesn't lack ambition, she's young and she talks like I did back then, she wants to take over the world. She controls men, and she laughs at them but really she just wants to be loved, she wants to be the girl you look at in your screen, she especially wants to be the girl you think about when you're feeling lust, she's very into sensuality, she's so incredibly open about sex, it's refreshing and it only makes you wonder, no disrespect but it makes you wonder what she would be like, and that feeds creativity, that makes me want to take the photos, that lust drives the shoot forward. Scarlette wants you to know her, and if you're lucky, she'll want to know you. <3