Two and a half months I made a massive change in my life, and although it’s been tough… part of me feels like i’ll eventually be rewarded for being brave to alter such a large part of my life.

I left a restaurant that I’ve worked in for six years, and headed to the gables for greener pastures, I’m a bartender, the only male bartender and from the jump it seemed like I was respected in a different way, I was viewed differently and that has inspired me to continue to improve myself..

Second day, I’m standing by the service bar station and this girl walks up to me..

“do you wanna see me tie a cherry stem with my mouth?” I think that was our first interaction, she’s attractive and I’m a bit of a whore and I also like attention so I said … “sure”. And then, she did it. I was impressed, over the next couple of weeks we began to forge a relationship, a couple of drinks after shifts, the occasional back and forth and what not, and the sexual chemistry… it’s too strong to ignore, we’ve hung out twice outside of work and twice they’ve been memorable, she followed me on Instagram and seemed to be into what i was doing… she wanted to shoot, and I wanted to witness her exuding sensuality… this set is the result of that experiment, here’s to madison, the sexy curvaceous waitress from SAWA.