three months ago I started a new job, Deborah was the hostess there at that time.. And I was immediately struck by her lowkey beauty, she also has this incredibly rare trait which transmits joy to those around her.. she smiles all the time, and that makes you smile just as much as she is.. which sucks because her smile is perfect, mine however isn’t.. but that’s not the point. She’s the kinda girl you want to have fun with, you can ignore attractions and pressure and just be you around her.. she’s just a tiny ball of joy, so naturally you want to spend more time with her.. She really wanted me to shoot her and I used anything as an excuse to hang out with this particular Venezuelan beauty. We planned a shoot and couldn’t decide on a location, so I surprised her by taking her to Arcade Odyssey.. She’d never been there, and plus last month they started serving beer.. it was kinda a no brainer, so here it is.. Tonight’s Muse presents Deborah in the arcade. You’re welcome.