it’s a weekday and i find myself driving to the grove at about 1pm. A stunning woman named Koleen Estrada awaits me with her friend to shoot at this crazy location in the area. We met up while they changed inside their BMW, they’re wearing matching outfits and they look great. Especially Koleen, she’s prettier in person, and that statement alone is crazy enough.. So this day wasn’t planned out well at all, we couldn’t shoot in the location and our shoot was basically a series of uninspired, sporadic moments but with all that being said, it worked.. which made me realize locations matter but when you have someone as angelic as Koleen in front of your camera, it’s always beautiful.. She models, but Koleen is not your typical muse, I first heard of her through the world of music, she’s a singer and talented violinist, she’s one of those people you brag about knowing.. She’s a muse in every sense of the word, even when you’re forced to walk the grove aimlessly in search of a place to shoot.