it's a match, the screen lit up with the promise of something special, something warm in our cold, hollow, technology-based world. I was down at the time, and that's when I saw her. I reached out. I was stunned. Nothing much came from it, but we did once hang out in an FIU dorm room and watched enter the void, i love showing that movie to people. we kissed, she was so beautiful, and it was so hard to look away. something about her, she was different. now fast forward about a year and a half and up until now and nothing its misconnections, she moved and when she was in  the city but never for long and always occupied, I started taking pictures, and we still kept in contact and that's when she told me she'll be coming back and I looked forward to that moment from that direct message. I drove about an hour up north to sunny isles where she was staying, I parked in a shopping center across the street, and with a shitty canon rebel 2 35mm and two rolls of film I strolled up there. walked through a crowded lobby looking suspicious and stoned. I boarded the elevator to the eight floor, her door was the first one off, I knocked and that's when I saw her smile, I'm melting. She wanted me to help her get dressed, she wanted for me to tell her but to wear but that's very difficult to do when you're hoping she takes her clothes off, not in a dirty way but just so you can admire her. she changed in the restroom and I walked around, I took candids. nervous. the room was beautiful and really looked like our city for some reason, she came out looking beautiful in a body suit, and I was mesmerized. she hopped on the bed and acted cute for me, I loved it, we moved to the bathroom and to the living room, used props, changed poses and the entire time I was sweating, I wanted her, her energy was electric and she looked so good.. the shoot was about the most fun I've had, and we kinda knew each other so we were comfortable, she likes me, and I like her. Checkout was two hours ago, but there was so much to do. It's a shame I had to go to work, cause I would have spent the whole day with her just cause I considered myself lucky to be in her presence, to photograph her skin, her smile, thank you Adriana you were a muse that day, and later that night, wine and weed forever. <3 come back soon.