I've known Amanda for a while now, we went to the same high school, and we shared all the same friends and a lot of the same experiences. she's always been stunning, intriguing but sometimes a bit much if you aren't accustomed with how she is. I picked up this camera and after shooting a failed attempt, the next person i called was Amanda. It made sense, we both loved art, expression, music.. she loves my taste, she loves what I'm into, I've always just fed her my favorite shit, we talk... a lot and usually have a good time. and when i want to shoot and i can't find someone she's usually always available to hang, and take some pictures. so we did laundry this week, and while we were doing it we spoke for a long time about the past, the present and the future. the people who've marked us, the people who left us and the people we left, we wondered what it all meant, but we came to terms with things. we became inspired, and we look ahead with positivity. 

we can miss people, but we don't need people. clean the filth from you and wash the dirt away, clean laundry, clean clothes, new year, same old me.