disclaimer: this shoot was done a while back. 

Since the official relaunch of the TONIGHT'S MUSE project I'd like to shed light on a shoot I did that didn't get the proper treatment at the time. 

This is Ibelise, she's a Cuban American long-limbed, light eyes, goofy little heartbreaker.  She's into cosplaying and can be found at most conventions throughout the year, she also loves animals, and she loves to party. ibelise is one of those girls that although things took a while to reach a certain height, the impact is long lasting. here's to 5 years later, I'm glad we finally got this night, it's been a long time coming.. ever since we watched Skyfall on our one and only date to having you here in my apartment so long after. Thank you, it was a pleasure. let's do this again some time.