so tonight's muse is a thing that I do that I actually have a lot of fun with, I get to meet these beautiful women and they're kind enough to want to create something with me, we usually have a great time and it doesn't feel like a project at all.. this was definitely the case with michelle, her and emmanuel came over and we started drinking, they were so confident, comfortable, so great to work with... I kinda had a little crush on michelle immediately, the way she gives looks, what she can do with her eyes, and how she can manipulate you using nothing but her lips, and that cute little tooth gap. she wore a scarf as a top and she had her hair done up like something from the 50's, and i was mesmerized. michelle is one of those girls you brag about knowing, one of those who just oozes sensuality without ever really having to do much. here's to a lot more.. you'll see michelle on tonight's muse series' to come because that's exactly how i see her, a muse. 

the kind of goofy girl that inspires the most beautiful art.