Michelle (18) is a gap toothed chick with a really high fashion sense who just wants to make "dope shit". 

She's of Cuban descent like many other girls here in her hometown of Miami. 

Her shoot was actually our first time meeting, her and emmanuel @dreaminslow came over together and they immediately brought in a great and divine energy. I was stepping out the shower and took a little bit to get dressed, in the meantime they wandered my apartment, looked at my neon lights and said "really cool place". that was really sweet, we stepped to balcony, we drank wine, sparked a joint or two and began thinking.. 

They brought some "xxl dirty magazines" and it immediately struck me as genius, i really liked that they brought props. they were both styled incredibly, all them. no stylist. 

We moved around, the roll went down on pictures, we hit the laundry room, we took the elevator, we drank more, and smoked more. we laughed, spoke and kept going. 

this has been my favorite shoot so far (I've done a few more that will be posted here later on). 

michelle is so far my favorite model, she has that ability to make faces that intrigue, i was shooting on film which was dangerous cause i was tempted on capturing her every look. 

She's great, and Im also posting Emmanuel shots, and other shots of this night on a separate post coming soon.. 

Enjoy this week's muse Michelle Landin.