I sit in this empty room,  I think I'm starting to realize something.. I'm no good at being alone, yet here I am.   You see I'm the type of man who romanticizes and fantasizes all too often. I meet a beautiful woman and I don't think that I'll be with her forever but I definitely get lost and  carried away in the energy, and then I look at her, we're having drinks and it's been years since I've had any emotional attachement, I crave it. I need you to pretend like you care about what I say, I need you to act like being here with me is what you long for.. 

This is where Tonight's Muse came from, this is the concept. I'm a loner, who doesn't like being alone, I love women, I love being with them, I love feeling their touch, their scent, listening to them speak.. 

Most of my relationships never became relationships, so most of the women I meet I don't meet more than once, it became a question of looking for love or settling for this.. but truth is, I'd rather have some company then none at all.. 

Tonight's Muse is my way of feeling like I matter to you all, cause deep down inside that's what I want most from life...